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ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System

Provide world class value-added services to our existing and growing customer base accurately and on time, every time. We satisfy all customer and ISO 9001 requirements and continually improve our processes to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Top-Notch Quality Assurance

No guesswork here: our top-quality inspection is backed by data.

With EBG, your project is expert hands. Our team is trained, vetted, and always adheres to ISO 9001 standards. From inspection to sorting and separating the good products from the bad ones, you can be confident your project will be carefully handled. Know what’s happening on the assembly line, without having to be there: you can opt to receive Inspection Reports daily, weekly, or when your project is complete.

Customers love that they can trust us. With a 0% reject rate and 100% on-time delivery for over two million parts per year, we set the industry standard for quality management.


Create more, and faster, with our expert production team.

Encore Business Group helps you optimize your production efficiency. We offer short- or long-term production assistance, working with you and your team to ensure your project is done right the first time.

EBG keeps your production moving. We’re fast, cost-effective, and provide 100% on time delivery and a 0% reject rate.

  • Sub Assembly
  • Production Assembly
  • Small Parts Assembly
  • Prototype Assembly
  • Launch Support

Packaging, Fulfillment, and Kitting

Never miss an order or stress over fulfillment again.

We pick, pack, and ship your product directly to your customer — or even back to you. We help with a broad range of processes, such as:

  • Same-day e-commerce fulfillment, to help meeting customer expectations
  • Breaking down bulk containers into smaller quantities, saving you time and money when pick the product off your shelf
  • Taking multiple SKU numbers and combine them into one new number
  • Kitting: we'll combine parts into a bag or kit to send your customer, or we'll pre-assemble your kits to ensure orders are shipped quickly


Get cost savings and reduce waste.

Why waste time and money scrapping non-conforming product when EBG can salvage your product and turn it into conforming product. Rework can save countless hours of lead time as well as save your company millions of dollars. From our proprietary process of reworking insert molded parts to recover the insert part to trimming excess material off your product we work with you and your team to ensure the reworked parts meet your specifications

Supply Chain

Outsource to EBG and grow your business.

Storage: Are you experiencing capacity constraints at your plant, but can’t invest the money for an addition? Is a long-term leased facility too expensive?

EBG will store your short-term or long-term inventory. With lead time, we can have your shipment staged and ready to ship upon your request. Avoid the expense of a full-time crew to manage your warehouse or distribution center.

Cross docking: Save time and money by utilizing EBG’s capacity for short term cross docking from one semi to another.

Lumper Service: Did your load shift in transit? EBG will rework your load to get you ready and back on the road.

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