Wholesale has been a proven sales method on Amazon and e-commerce platforms for decades. Whether it is your primary business model or you’re thinking about diversifying your sales methods, it’s typically a welcome addition to any e-commerce portfolio. The higher buy-ins can be a barrier to entry however. Let us lower that barrier by finding those contracts for you. Our facility is optimized to handle wholesale products by the pallet or truckload.


At Encore we aspire to be a full-service prep center. In an effort to expand our services beyond the normal offerings of a prep center we offer consulting services to help our clients succeed. Let us use our past experience with e-commerce platforms and our internal knowledge of your business for your benefit. We can help with accountability and suggestions to improve your business.

Product Partnering

For those who want to go a step further with our consulting services, we offer product partnering services as well. Some clients need to expand their offerings on various e-commerce platforms or don’t want to run their own online stores. We can help manage your stores or expand your presence to other platforms in order to expand your brand for you.